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Reiki: The Energetic Way to Relieve Stress

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Have you ever struggled with depression, defeat or overwhelm?


This book came out of my own journey through being abused by power and sexuality that ended a cherished career because it closed me to my path in life, until I found Reiki.


The book is about a universal energy that can break the patterns you found helpful as a child but now hold you in a dysfunctional logjam.


And will help you find the helpers you need.

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Energy for Stress Relief, and its Science

I wrote my first book when I was 10 years old, and illustrated it. From college onward, I expected to write a book, and made notes toward a manuscript for more than 50 years.. The subject changed as my life focus changed. My book finally showed up when I won a program by Christine Kloser called “Get Your Book Done.” Surprise, the subject at hand was about Reiki, and I dived into research with delight.


I did not realize at the time of my first book that it was for me and about me. The title was “Bad Little Bunny”. Now I can see that its title sprang from an experience that year of sex abuse committed by the teenage son of family friends. As an adult, experiences of sex abuse and abuse of power impelled me to find healing. I did not expect that writing would become a tool of self-investigation and prepare me to help other people heal their lives from similar trauma.


This book does not contain graphic details of my life experience. It tells the story of my path to healing, and invites each reader to get moving toward your own goals, using this tool I used - Reiki.

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