My Sorting Hat

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Reiki for the Rest of Us

I help you keep your head connected to your heart,

and reach your goals with ease and grace.

I started adding Reiki to my coaching in the way I do only a few years ago. 


I was volunteering at a high-end hospital, helping patients relax and release anxiety before challenging appointments at the Neuroscience Clinic. Most patients relax so quickly that I studied science related to Reiki to understand these results.


When I discovered that Reiki actually operates in the energy bandwidth of meditation (read my book), I realized that Reiki is releasing deep-seated, even long repressed and now unconscious anxieties, as well as relaxing the conscious layer of fears. I knew immediately that rest this profound could be crucial to helping people sort through sometimes puzzling disturbances that were affecting their work and their social lives.


People who have been frustrated by apparent personal blocks to success, such as self-doubt and procrastination, can get a TON of value from working with me. People who have wrestled with memories of abuse of any kind that left them without a sense of their own value can release themselves from that burden and move forward into life freely.


My life has built a “better mousetrap” - it’s actually a Sorting Hat. 

Almost 20 years’ experience started me off with studying questions in philosophy, as student, PhD candidate and university adjunct lecturer. Then followed nearly 30 years of helping people as a denominational minister to sort their emotional reactions and conflicting beliefs, often originating from misunderstanding Divine love. Now the Divine energy of Reiki also helps people outside the limits of religious practice. My early mental discipline has extended to include compassion and respect toward all beings.


I listen to people deeply, prompt them gently with observations and questions, and guide them toward resolutions that have eluded them. Reiki relaxes them at difficult points in their narrative. Clients easily achieve a new and far more effective stance as Observer of their life. 


Reiki promotes profound and effective REST. My message is EASE. I believe that “keeping your head” should be easy, and ease is the best path to attain goals. You’ll get a TON from me when you’re ready to unburden yourself - release your past and reframe your values for a fresh start in life.


#1: “GPS on the fritz? Spot Treatment”


This is for people already on their way to success but who have noticed themselves exhibit particular dysfunctional behaviors. Are you one of these people, ready to transform negative energies and to do your best? 

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#2: “Get Organized for Your Future”


Coaching for people who have multiple interests and see many possibilities in life. Do you need help and feedback while sorting your values and restructuring your life?

#3: “The Ride of Your Life”


Some people want a co-celebrator along their journey. Do you want an enthusiastic  helper who can keep your head on track to achieve important improvements?

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#4: “Dusting and Cleaning for #MeToo Survivors”


People need encouragement when they have encountered traumatic events that may have thrown them off their track. Do you want to banish this clouded their vision of your story, and replace it with clarity and renewed purpose?

Sessions are 45 minutes long, weekly. Length of package can vary. We can start with your own intuitive estimate, and lengthen or shorten as your process develops. Three months’ time will show you real progress. Committing to that will get you a better price than just going session by session.

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