An Introduction to How Reiki Works: Energy Healing, Stress Reduction, and the Science Behind It

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Eddy, and I hope you enjoy this introduction to my new book How Reiki Works: Energy Healing for Stress Relief, and the Science Behind It

This will give a quick and simple description of Reiki.


You’ll quickly learn why Reiki is ideal for stress reduction in most situations, and you’ll understand how persons suffering chronic conditions also find Reiki amazingly helpful.


You’ll find see why you too need Reiki, and why you need to read the book.


It will help you…

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1. Understand what Reiki is. Many people regard Reiki as an agent for physical healing, but do not know that Reiki is part of the normal energy in the universe. This lack of information leaves some people worried about being harmed by Reiki.


2. Learn how important stress relief is. Learn how important stress relief is. Our national value is work, not play, and as a result we are fostering stress-related physical illnesses. You’ll find out that Reiki energy is simply pulsing below our threshold of perception, so that Reiki’s release of stress is deeper than just the simple muscle relaxation you can feel.

3. Choose to lead a quality of life that is better for you than life as you live it now. We try to “put up with” tensions and annoyances that come at us at an overwhelming pace. People suffering chronic physical conditions or disabilities, in particular, can feel much better than they do, without additional medication, if they give themselves Reiki daily.


If you are ready to live life being kinder and gentler to your body, as well as to develop healthy  emotions, you are ready to read this Introduction to Reiki. 


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