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The Easy and Medically Safest Way to Relieve Stress

Stress is a killer we all need to contain, especially in these chaotic times. Our health and sanity both require more time to relieve tensions than most people have – so getting relief by a powerful and concentrated technique will serve us all well.


You know what I mean – Reiki.

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You may be thinking only of those workplace situations you can’t avoid, and thereby suffer both physically and emotionally. At those critical times, self-administered Reiki is definitely more effective and better for your body than a coffee break.


First, you’ll notice physical relaxation, but the benefits of even a few minutes go beyond the surface. Reiki is actually energy at its most profound level, so even a few minutes of it takes a deep dive into long-stored frustrations. Memories of major conflicts have been building up as well. Reiki refreshes your mind as well as your body, and reprioritizes emotions quickly. You can apply Reiki to yourself and return to your projects with a fresh new perspective, energized and creative. 


Stress relief is necessary for all of us, and especially so to persons dealing with a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s, or the debilitating aftereffects of a stroke. We try to dismiss or ignore stress brought on by illness or injury, but healing is actually easier and quicker when we resolve underlying stresses with Reiki.

In my new book, How Reiki Works, you will learn:


  • Reiki employs meditation-bandwidth energy, so its effect is more profound than mere tension relief.

  • Self-administered Reiki daily also releases unconscious blocks such as that underlying chronic conditions.

  • Reiki affects the whole person, meaning it treats mind, body and emotions simultaneously. 

  • Immediate tension relief plus the release of long-held traumatic memories creates significant improvement in work efficiency, creative problem-solving, and quality of life. 


You’ll be shown throughout the book examples of Reiki being used – to support physical healing, to foster resolution of emotional upsets, to comfort people at the time of death, and to nourish spiritual growth. You’ll see how Reiki can benefit your pets, and how you can use Reiki to help family and friends even far away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki

Q: Can I really give myself Reiki?

  • YES. Being attuned is easy, inexpensive, and it lasts your entire life, even if you have a stroke, or lose an arm.


Q: What if my symptoms don’t seem to fit any diagnosis?

  • Reiki is definitely for you. Whatever the medical bottom line may be, your condition is in itself stressful, and likely some aspects of it spring from other stress factors in your life. Reiki will relieve your stress, and that itself may help you find satisfying medical advice.


Q: What if I have multiple conditions?

  • Reiki treats each person as a whole being. Over many years, observation has convinced practitioners that Reiki works by respecting every individual’s total condition. In complex situations, medical science usually addresses only a few issues, while Reiki treatment aims at all needs. 


Q: Could my symptoms be “all in my head”?

  • That can’t be the case. Mind, emotions and body are inextricably connected. Besides, Reiki does not separate those aspects of our being. Reiki treats all aspects simultaneously, though you might observe one kind of change before you notice change in some other area. Allow Reiki whatever time your complicated human self requires. Reiki will help you.

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  • You’ll hear about a man whose back surgery at first appeared successful, but when subsequent pain raised the threat of more surgery, was healed by Reiki.

  • A practitioner, at the bedside of her dying mother, relieved her debilitating foot pain and received astonishing insight into its cause.

  • One cat-lover became a fire-hose full of Reiki that sprayed healing energy all around a veterinarian’s recovery room and visibly relieved the animals’ suffering.

  • Imbuing a scarf with Reiki creates a useful tool in the fight against colds or flu.

You'll Find Fun Throughout the Book Too​

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Beyond Important and Valuable Results,

You’ll Also Find an Intriguing Big Picture:

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  • Reiki may seem mysterious, but it is also scientifically measurable. Reiki energy is available to everybody on the planet. 


  • Although discovery of Reiki occurred as a result of deep spiritual practice, recent science now can explain how Reiki can be passed on to ordinary human beings. 


  • Reiki can be an effective tool in advancing human evolution if even 10% of people practice it worldwide. If we consistently worked at a higher level of energy, we could develop the tools we need to manage our life habits and our environment effectively. We could save the planet.

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